Sari AgeGuard

The Revolutionary Sari AgeGard

The terms ‘alternative’ and ‘complementary’ are most times used interchangeably, which may prove to be a bit confusing. Complementary therapies are those that are designed for use alongside the standard cancer treatments and normally manage the side effects. On the other hand, alternative therapies are those that are used instead of conventional treatment. Most complementary and alternative therapies are currently being researched scientifically to be used in people suffering from cancer.

Sari AgeGard is as a result of scientific ground-breaking work that unlocked the mystical secret of anti-aging modalities. It uses a unique technology that combines double plant stem cell and the ozone superior health benefits. The product is a blend of 15 key constituents such as Malusdomestica, PhytoCellTec™ Greengage extract, Apricot seed extract, Glutathione,  Grape seed extract, Kiwi fruit seed extract, Prune extract,  Wolfberry extract, Red yeast rice extract, Strawberry extract, Saw Palmetto extract, Vitamin C, Garlic extract, as well as marine collagen amongst other selected active ingredients. The regular consumption of this product provides vital cellular regeneration and nutrition. Sari Age Gard is recommended for persons who are:

  • bedridden
  • healthy and desire to avoid any serious illnesses
  • suffering from cancer
  • diabetic
  • suffering from gout
  • suffering from thyroid
  • suffering from joints pain
  • encountering other illnesses

If you have been ill and have tried several treatments without success you may want to consider using Sari Age Gard. It can be taken anytime and along with other medication. However, you will need to alert your doctor on your intentions to take this product together with your normal medications.

The benefits of plant based stem cell extracts include:

Supplements that are based on stem cell extract have shown to improve health through the rejuvenation of the body’s natural healing abilities of stem cells. Other benefits include:

  • Burns body fat and cellulite
  • Controls levels of cholesterol
  • Delays the process of aging
  • Enhances immunity
  • Improves metabolism
  • Improves one’s memory
  • Increases the body’s energy and oxygen levels
  • Maintains healthy joints
  • Offers protection to the cells
  • Smoothens and brightens the skin
  • Stabilizes levels of blood sugar
  • Stabilizes the pressure of blood
  • Stabilizes the respiratory system

The use of plant extracts in the treatment of cancer has long been studied. Phytonutrients that are available in plenty in plants have been shown to inhibit cancer cell growth and even terminate cancer cells in the body. With the increased use of cancer complementary therapies, there are several that are being scientifically tested to determine the effects they may possess on cancer patients, their interaction with standard treatments, and the reasons of their being effective.

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