How to Treat a Pulled Muscle

If you practice regular sports and exercise, you will likely pull a muscle at various instances. If you are the sedentary type, you could pull a muscle by lifting the garbage into the dumpster or lifting your toddler from the floor.

Then anyone who is not accustomed to regularly throwing a ball, juking to the left or diving into the water can pull a muscle. A pulled muscle can be the result of a muscle that has been exhausted or used in an in proper way and no matter the cause, you will want to restore it to functional levels as soon as possible.

Treatment Steps for a Pulled Back Muscle

If you feel like you may have “pulled a muscle” you are obviously in pain and may be seeing a qualified medical specialist would be the best choice for you and certainly so if the pain persists for longer than a few days from the incident (depending on the severity).

You will typically feel the full strength of the pain and inflammation after a few hours from the actual injury, but the faster you can apply one of the following treatments to your condition, the faster you will find relief. How Pain Patches Can Help In Faster Recovery

Top Treatments for Pulled Muscles

Apply cold and heat �” the inflammation will be bad and you will want to control this with a cold compress as fast as you can, once the swelling has subsided and the area relatively numb, or after day or two of cold compression, you can add heating pad to the area. The warmth will stimulate the circulation of blood and allow the area to heal completely.
Rest – Immediately after the injury your muscles will be very delicate and tender and you will want to avoid straining or exerting the muscle for at least a week or more depending on the specific strain. After the pain subsides, you will need to return to your activities gradually so as not to recur another injury.

Stretching �” gently stretching the muscle is a good way to stimulate the healing process and restore circulation and functionality to your muscle. This will increase the circulation that also improves the healing process.
Pain medication �” while the tendency is to bomb away the area of the body with strong medications to fight pain, remember that pain is an important indicator that the healing process is in full function and that your muscles are recovering well. If the pain is unbearable, it is best to consult a physician who can advise you on the best way to go about your healing process.

Strength exercises �” you will then want to slowly rebuild the strength in your muscles after your pain has subsided. If you allow your muscles to atrophy to far you run the risk of a repeat of the same instance.

Massage �” a professional grade massage can boost healing time by improving the circulation of the blood and stretching and engaging the muscle under full support and 0 effort applied. check out for more.