How Much Will Lawn Treatment Cost You?

You love your home, which means you also love the yard that surrounds it. Whether you spend a lot of time in your green area or just pass by it as you go up and down your driveway, it speaks volumes about you to your neighbors and anyone that visits your home.

So, you do what you can to take care of it:

Some homeowners are content to have some shrubs in front of the home, a few trees, and grass from one end of the yard to the next. Others take quite the opposite route and deliberately choose what is planted and where, aiming for specifics like a butterfly garden, a relaxing gazebo for reading or napping, or even a garden of fruits and vegetables that they make wonderful meals from. In all these cases, weeds are not something anyone wants to tolerate, and so they try to get lawn treatments to prevent them.

Benefits of Getting Lawn Treatment

If you own a home, you’re likely going to be getting lawn treatments more than once while you’re there, so knowing how much lawn treatment costs helps you budget out this as a regular expense. It’s not just a flat fee though, as there are a number of factors that determine the actual cost of it.

Whether you do it yourself or not or have a professional handle it for you is the first deciding factor. There are products you can get at many home improvement stores and lawn and garden centers where you might treat your own lawn as a DIY project.

If you do decide to have a lawn mowing company to handle it for you, then you might discover that their rates vary from one supplier to the next. Get the lowest possible price by shopping around at least three options to get to know the range of price points available in your community.

How many treatments you might need is a sometimes unanticipated factor. Most treatments happen in just one visit, but sometimes a follow-up is necessary. This can be a trap because the first treatment might seem appealing in low price, but you don’t find out that repeat visits are necessary until the first one is done and the contractor asks about scheduling the follow-up.

The kind of lawn treatment you might need also factors into pricing, as does the size of your lot, and even your geographic region or market. Visit us online for more information.