Family Oriented Neighborhoods For First Time Home Buyers In Cincinnati

As a first-time home buyer in Cincinnati, you have many things to think about. Congratulations on choosing a location. Now you need to select the right neighborhood. Since this is your first home, you are likely starting or about to start a family. You want to pick a great family neighborhood for raising kids, and I am going to help you with that.

There are many great Cincinnati neighborhoods for raising families, each with their individual characteristics and advantages. One of the best neighborhoods for raising a family is Mount Lookout. Now, it bears mentioning again that you are finding the right neighborhood for you and your family. This list will be focused on great neighborhoods for families; however, you have to decide what you are looking for and also buy within your price range as a first-time home buyer.

Crime And Safety

In Mount Lookout, the school system is given a B . Are your kids going to be attending public or private school. That rating is exceptional. As for crime and safety, Mount Lookout is given a B rating, also good. All things considered, when it comes to starting a family in Mount Lookout, the neighborhood is given an A . It doesn’t get any better than that.

Now let’s look at the next Cincinnati neighborhood that ranks high on the list for families. Hyde Park is the neighborhood, and rankings for its public school system and crime and safety are the exact same as Mount Lookout. Hyde Park also has an overall rating of A for families, too. Houses in both of these neighborhoods can be on the expensive side, but you can of course look at individual listings to find a property at a discount. You have to stick to your budget as a first time home buyer, but don’t worry, there are plenty of family oriented neighborhoods to choose from.

Let’s look at a neighborhood that ranks high for families, but has houses that aren’t quite as expensive. Pleasant Ridge is the community, and what a nice name. Pleasant Ridge has some great properties, many of them in the $100-$150k price range. Does this fit your budget better? If not, there are very nice properties priced even lower. And $100-$150k comes in under budget for you, you can save some money or look at more expensive properties, either in Pleasant Ridge or another neighborhood.

Neighborhoods In Cincinnati

Mount Washington is another choice neighborhood in Cincinnati for families. The home prices in this neighborhood are similar to that of Pleasant Ridge. Mount Washington is graded at a B+ and B- for public schools and crime and safety respectively.

As you look at neighborhoods in Cincinnati, you will also want to keep your employment in mind. Do you want to live close to your employer, or are you fine with commuting across Cincinnati if that’s the way things woark out? What other neighborhoods in Cincinnati are great for families? The list is quite long, so let’s get to some more of them.

There is also Columbia Tusculum, Madisonville and California. Those are three possible options, and the list continues. There is Hartwell, East End, Oakley and Riverside. I will not take you further down the list, however, because the next neighborhood after the ones mentioned has a crime rating of C. That’s not bad by any means, but you have enough family oriented neighborhoods to focus on and look into when it comes to being a first time home buyer. To know more visit the website at – cincinnati ohio.