Change Your Address By Phone With A Small ID Verification Fee of $1

Let’s face it, moving is a big hassle all the way around. Usually, you have to spend days packing up things that you haven’t even looked at in years. Of course, you also have to throw out lots of belongings that just aren’t worth the cost of packing, hauling, and unpacking again, which brings up some emotional pain. Then you have to rent a truck or call friends with trucks, find boxes, get loader helpers, WOW! Among all of that, you still have to notify hundreds of friends, relatives, businesses and others of your change of address. Here are some tips on getting that Temporary and permanent address done in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Start With A Change Of Address List

To begin with, write down a bunch of categories of people and businesses, that way you’ll jog your memory into writing down more names. Things like schools, restaurants, delivery companies, employers, the IRS, credit cards, utilities, and on, and on. The more the better, and by having lots of different groups you’ll have a better time remembering each of them.

Then, ask a few good friends to sit down at the kitchen table and help you fill in all of the different people and businesses that you need to notify of your pending address change. Don’t leave out anyone, long lost relatives, pizza delivery, or even the dog’s vet, everyone needs to know. Some companies, like the sandwich delivery place, have your old address entered into their computers and if you place an order they’ll automatically send it to your old address.

Plus, don’t forget the rest of the family, your kids have contacts too and some of them are particularly address based. Little League Baseball is one such organization that in order to participate you need to belong to the neighborhood of each league. That keeps coaches from forming super teams made up of hand-picked athletes from a wide area in order to have a winning team. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, the local schools, and the local soccer team all need to know.

You Can Let The USPS Know By Phone For A $1 Charge

The fastest way to take care of the United States Post Office is to either call them on the phone or fill out a form online. Then, they will automatically forward all of your mail from the old address to the new one. You’ll have to pay a $1 verification fee on your credit card, this is to stop identity thieves from changing your address to steal your mail, but it’s well worth the price.

You can go online at the USPS change of address site and fill in the blanks to have all your mail forwarded. You can also call them at 1-800-ASK-USPS to do the same thing. They still will want to charge your credit card to verify your identity but that is for your protection. Finally, you can go to your local post office in person and fill out the form there as well.

Changing your address isn’t as easy as it used to be but still can be done with just a few hours of concentrated work. By making a list, sending out some cards, then making some calls, you can rest assured that the most important people and businesses all know that you’ve moved.