Best Type Of Termite Treatment For Lawn

There are a couple different types of termites in the world that are going to infest your property. There are subterranean termites and those that are called agricultural termites. These are referred to as a soldiers, the workers that are heading out to collect food for the king or queen of the termite population that they are part of. There is 1/3 called the Drywood. It is able to live inside of plants, boards, and they will literally consume the cellulose that is there. If you have a lawn, it is possible that you may develop an infestation of agricultural termites, the kind that like to consume grass. Here are a few of the best ways to deal with termites that you may have on your property.

What Do The Termites Do To The Grass?

Termites are going to consume whatever it is that they are in. As mentioned before, those that can infest homes or buildings, they are going to consume the cellulose. Those that are agricultural termites are focused on plant life. If you have these, and you notice that your grass is dying, it is likely the result of this type of infestation. Albeit, they do like decomposing grass rather than fresh grass, but they can be very detrimental during a drought. To get rid of them, you will have to use certain pesticides that will specifically go after the termites that are in the ground.

Termite Treatment

What Type Of Pesticides Can You Use?

One of the easiest ways to prevent them from coming in is to make sure that you have proper irrigation for your lawn. You might be watering, but that does not mean that the water is able to percolate into the ground. When this occurs, they are not able to build the tunnels that allow them to get to the blades of grass. Therefore, you will need to use some type of implement that can put aeration holes into the soil. This can prevent them, but if you already have them, you will have to call a professional that can administer different types of pesticides. They may even have an herbicide that will make it impossible for the termites to enjoy the grass at all, even that which has already died.

How Do You Find One Of These Professionals To Help You?

Finding these professionals is easy. You will simply search for local pest control company for termite infestation. They will know exactly what to do. They can send a representative out to analyze the situation. Once they have done that, they can give you an estimate on how long it will take and how much it will cost. In most cases, they are going to first apply the pesticides to the ground. They will then aerate the lawn, and then water it. This will allow the pesticide to get into the soil which can help kill the termites without harming the grass.

These simple tips for treating your lawn for termites will make it possible for you to improve upon the way it looks. It also can limit the possibility of the termites coming back once they have been purchased. If you cannot find some type of pesticide at the local store, you can contact a professional that will have exactly what is necessary to kill them off and prevent them from coming back. These are companies listed online, or in your local phone book, that can help you with this type of service.